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by Beau TEFL - Tuesday, 13 September 2022, 6:03 PM
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If you are having problems advancing within the course then there are 4 reasons why you may not be able to proceed to the next section. 

So be sure to check them before going on a tirade like this.

If you look at the picture below you will see that there is a lesson in Topic 2 that is greyed out. Why is that?

There are 4 possible reasons below.

BeauTEFL's course content section 1 and 2

1. You didn't complete all the questions. Go back and check that all questions in the previous lesson were completed.

2. Your grade is not high enough. In that case redo it until it is. And your grade point average is cumulative meaning if your first attempt is a 60% and your second attempt was 80% then your average is 70% which is not high enough to proceed. You need an 80% or higher.

3. You didn't check the box. On the course homepage there are some places where you have to check the box to proceed. If you look in the pic above you will see a box next to the "How did you find this course?" section. Make sure you check it when complete.

4. Your access to the course expired. Access is for 30 days. After that you will have to pay an additional $20 for an additional 1 month of access. Your user role has to be changed and your account re-activated.

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