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by Beau TEFL - Thursday, 11 August 2022, 4:17 PM
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On Groupon you will find an array of cheap online TEFL courses ranging from like $10 to over a $100. But are these courses legitimate?

Well, it depends what you mean by legit. If all you want to do is take a cheap and easy course to get a certificate to check the box on some job application then it might work.

But it depends.

It depends on the school you are applying to. Groupon TEFL courses all get lumped into the same category and may have a poor reputation to some because it's Groupon.

And Groupon as a site gets pretty poor reviews.

Groupon 2 star reviews on

Groupon sitejabber reviews 2.9 rating

Groupon currently has 3,795 complaints on BBB.

But if you search some of these TEFL courses on there you'll see that they get good or decent reviews.

It depends what you want and why you are considering taking a course. If you just want a cheap and easy certificate then it might be fine with that. But you are still supporting a large company that's basically just an advertising middle man.

If you prefer dealing directly with a company then Groupon is not for you.

Groupon is a middle man site that connects consumers to businesses. They offer advertising for free to their large user base if you put your business on there so they can get a cut.

What percent does Groupon get of your money?

Well, according to this they will get 50% of your money.

After giving the customer 50% off, Groupon typically splits the remaining money on the table – the sales price – 50/50. -SEJ

So instead of supporting some large middle man site like Malwart Groupon you can help support a small business like BeauTEFL.

Like many of the courses on Groupon BeauTEFL's course is also pretty cheap and fairly easy. It also contains some instructional videos that will make learning easier. And as studies show people don't read much nor remember what they read online.

Here's an alternative to the Groupon TEFL course called Full Circle

Let's take for example the Full Circle course on Groupon.

You have to wait 10 days after course completion just to download your certificate and if you want it faster then you have to pay an extra $20.

Here at BeauTEFL you don't have to wait to download a certificate. Yes you have to complete the course before you can get the certificate, but as soon as you do you can download it.

BeauTEFL's course is pretty basic. It can be completed within a few days. 

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