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by Beau TEFL - Monday, 25 July 2022, 3:31 PM
Anyone in the world

BeauTEFL offers an online TEFL course that you can complete entirely online from the comforts of your home. It is a relatively quick and easy course.

After you create an account, log in and pay you can then start to study. 

BeauTEFL's online course log in

What's the syllabus like for BeauTEFL's online course?

After you complete your registration, pay and log in then you will find a course outline. Here’s a look inside at the syllabus.

BeauTEFL's course content section 1 and 2

So you can start with topic 1 and then bit by bit move through the course, but don't forget to check the box when you complete it!

Some students forget this.

Why is topic 2 “teaching methods” greyed out? 

That’s because you have to successfully complete the topic before it and attain a grade of 80% or higher. So if you can't proceed in the course then it's probably because your grade is not high enough.

Is this course hard?

No, and don’t worry if you make a mistake you can do it again until your grade is high enough. 

Here's a comment from the course.

Comments left in the course

And the other reason people can't proceed is that they didn't check the box! 

BeauTEFL's course content section 3-6

Then you see that you will study:

  • public speaking
  • learning styles
  • lesson planning

A teacher basically is a public speaker because you have to stand in front of a group of people and teach them. So what's the best way to do that and how do you keep their attention? 

Do students have different learning styles? And what about lesson planning? Is that hard? How do you do it?

Find out inside!

BeauTEFL's course content section 6-8

In topics 6, 7, and 8 you will learn:

  • presenting language
  • teaching listening
  • teaching writing
BeauTEFL's course content section 9-12

In topics 9-12 you will learn:

  • teaching reading
  • teaching speaking (super important!)
  • teaching phonics
  • grammar

BeauTEFL's course content section 13-14

In topics 13 and 14 you will learn:

  • teaching with games
  • teaching songs
  • classroom problems

BeauTEFL's course content section 15-17

In topics 15-17 you will study:

  • classroom management
  • resume writing
  • culture shock and then finally you take an exam and…

Receive certification.


You did it.

What does some of the course content look like?

Here’s a section from teaching speaking.

BeauTEFL's course content question

And then you answer follow up questions like this…

BeauTEFL's course content true and false question

Sometimes the questions are true or false and sometimes they are multiple choice. 

Some sections even have video tutorials.

What are the benefits of this online TEFL course?

All courses aren’t the same and I can’t speak for all courses, but…

  • it’s a quick course
  • it’s a cheap course
  • you can study at your own pace
  • you can study where and when you want (it’s convenient)
  • you can add this certification to your resume to help you get a job!

It’s very flexible for you and you will have 1 month to complete the course. 

Is 1 month enough time? 

It’s plenty.

That should give you a good idea of what to expect from BeauTEFL's online TEFL course.

Start BeauTEFL’S 120 hour online TEFL course.

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